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2015 Investment Conference

"Arandis, Gateway to Industrial Excellence"

Since its inception in 2011, the Conference has grown to become a vehicle, deliberately marketing the economic potential of Arandis to local and foreign Investors as well as to position Arandis on the road of industrial transformation. The town is geared towards unleashing the industrial potential and also ensuring that it becomes a town of choice to current for future residents, investors and tourists. This year’s conference has added a uranium festival to showcase the way uranium has added value to the local and international markets in terms of service delivery and employment creation.

  • The aim of the Investment Conference and Uranium Festival is to deliberately engage private and public sector towards driving the national vision of making Namibia an industrial nation by 2030.
  • The expansion of the Port, the Government’s vision of becoming a Logistics Hub in SADC has enabled Arandis to become an environment for business growth. The Conference will position the preparedness of Arandis as an active role player in providing logistic services to the region and thus maximize the investment opportunities of Arandis.
  • Our strategic location in the Erongo region is a positive factor of consideration in terms of being in the rust free environment and within the rich Uranium belt.
  • The council already adopted industrialization as one of its core strategic focus areas in 2008 and has been aggressively promoting in since.
  • In celebration of the importance of uranium to Arandis, the festival will highlight some of the challenges that Mines presented to some of the towns in Namibia, however our prime focus will look at the socio-economic opportunities that it presented over the years, in particular to the town of Arandis and the GDP of our country.
  • The Festival therefore is to recognize the Uranium Industry, Celebrate the richness of the resource in the Erongo Region, as well as to offer a Networking Day for potential New Investments. This festival will also showcase the diverse cultural and traditional heritage of our region showcasing a host of entertainment activities to the general public.


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