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Arandis Festival 2015 launched

Posted: 10 Jul, 2015

ARANDIS Stakeholders in the uranium industry will get together at an Investment Conference

Input on every aspect of the uranium industry by an in-depth investigation will be hosted on July 31 at Arandis. The event going under the banner of an Investment Conference and Arandis Town Council will be playing host.

“We want to determine the needs of each sector of the uranium mines,” said the CEO of the Arandis Town Council, Ms Florida Husselmann. “In the process we have to determine to what extent Arandis could fulfil the demand. What services are expected from the town and what are the shortfalls that need to be developed.”

The organizers of the conference compiled a long list of who should participate in the conference. Among those who will attend are chief executive officers, directors, company managers and other people in positions of authority in the uranium industry. Technically it will be a meeting for geologists, metallurgists, mining engineers and geo technicians. Scientists and environmentalists in various fields have shown their interest to attend.

Project managers, industrial engineers, managers and consultants have indicated their participation. The conference will create an opportunity to service providers to position themselves and government officials to determine the expectations of the state. Academics could give their input via open floor discussions. Mines will have the opportunity to state their needs for skilled labor and sought-after specialized fields.

According to Husselmann, recommendations could be made that Arandis should deliver certain additional services. It can cost money. “We often notice that money is available for deserving cases. The presence of bankers would be vital to identify the best possible action to make use of such opportunities. The conference will be a platform where players can interconnect with each other, “she said.

The conference will be followed the next day on August 1 at Arandis with a Uranium Festival. According to her, the Uranium Festival will be a perfect setting for every traditional culture in the country. This can be a showcase of traditions from Rehoboth to the Topnaars. Small businesses can exhibit their products, traditional foods will be on offer and groups can perform their traditional customs. Camel rides will be part of the fun on Saturday.