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Arandis Town Coucil extends gratification to Sponsors

Posted: 27 Jan, 2020














The Office of the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer of Arandis Town Council wishes to extend their gratification towards the sponsors for the Arandis Pensioner’s Christmas Lunch held on 06 December 2019. The Christmas Lunch was attended by 250 pensioners, this number included people who are living with incapacities in Arandis.


Bank Windhoek – N$2500.00 
Metcalfe Attorneys–N$1000.00
Dr. Kock – N$500.00
Mr. Lenon: Deamaru Group cc t/a  – N$500.00 
Onguta Restaurant- Dessert to the value of N$3500.00 
Promise Land – Dry Food to the value of N$ 1000.00
Arandis Town Council – Food & Calendars – N$ 23 325.00

The Arandis Town Council welcomes all donors and sponsors for 2020 to contact the Office of the Mayor on 064 512408 and the Office of the CEO on 064 512 401.

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.”
― Robert F. Kennedy



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