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Shopping Mall

Posted: 18 Aug, 2013

Construction of the eagerly-awaited N$20-million convenience shopping mall in Arandis is currently underway. The modern shopping mall that is being built opposite the BP service station at the entrance of the town, is expected to give Arandis a much-needed facelift and create 200 permanent jobs once completed.

At least 100 temporary jobs are expected to be created during the construction phase.
One of the project’s investors, Axel Dainat, of AD Architects, yesterday told New Era that the mall would be officially opened in May 2013.

Dainat, who saw the need for a convenience centre when visiting the town during 2007, said Arandis offers huge potential – although basic essential services are lacking.

Thus his decision “to bring services close to the community”.
The new development will bring businesses such as Shoprite, First National Bank, Penny Pinchers, Builders Warehouse and Pep, amongst others, to the doorstep of Arandis residents, said Dainat.

Residents have expressed their profound gratitude to the Arandis Municipality and investors.
“The new shopping mall will definitely make our lives easier as we will not be travelling to Swakopmund anymore.

“Our leaders are definitely creating a conducive environment for investors. We hope to see more developments at our town. Our mayor, Daniel Muhuura, and his councillors are really making a difference,” said a local resident.

According to Andrew !Hoaëb, communications officer of the Arandis Municipality, the town is currently reaping the fruits from an investors’ conference the town successfully held last year to attract local and international investors.

He said that implementation of the town’s five-year strategic plan, which focuses mainly on education, tourism and industrialisation, is indeed contributing toward the development of the town.

!Hoaëb said more developments are currently being lined up for the desert town.
Arandis is said to be moving towards the realisation of its strategic objectives, which is to make the town a “centre of excellence” and a regional hub by ensuring sustainability beyond closure of the surrounding mines.

[BY Eveline de Klerk, SOURCE: New Era]