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Emma, woman on the go

Posted: 20 Jan, 2013

Victoria Emma Naoxas, owner of Uibasen Services is currently employing 127 people and aspires to provide more employment. She is actively looking for new tenders around the country and is exploring other ways of expanding her business in order to increase her portfolios. “Apart from what I am currently doing; which is primarily cleaning services, I want to venture into the manufacturing of cleaning products” Emma says excitedly.

She also invests back into the community. She wants to empower the youth to implement projects/activities that would keep them off the streets and contribute something meaningful to society. Emma also plans to establish a business forum to assist business women who want to establish their own businesses.

Emma assisted Andreas Marishalino to get his business up and running. Andreas is a hairdresser that was employed by a local entrepreneur. When the person decided to close her business, he was bound to be jobless. Emma saw the opportunity to assist someone to stand on his own feet and assisted Andreas, or Bonia, as he is locally known, to start up his own business. Bonia is now operating his business at the Zebra bar Complex.

The local entrepreneur also donated computer equipment to the Gaingu Conservancy in the Spitzkoppe area.

“I still see a long road ahead of me. Despite how far I have come, I feel there is much more I can do!”

Emma operates at the Arandis Trade Centre and can be contacted at;

Tel: 064 510292, 0812735389, uibasenservices@iway.na, P.O. Box 79, Arandis Namibia.