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CEOs Welcome

CEOs Welcome

Arandis is where the beach starts, 60km’s from the coastal town of Swakopmund. The town was born in 1976 because of the uranium mining activities of Rössing Uranium Mine and is located 15km’s from the Mine, known as one of the world’s largest open-pit Uranium Mines. Arandis was declared a town in 1994 and the affairs of the town have since been managed by the Arandis Town Council.

The town has a population of 6,500 inhabitants and despite the challenges that the Council faced since 1994, it developed a vision of making Arandis an independent and self-sustainable town by 2016. Various initiatives have been launched to encourage growth, development and investments in all socio-economic sectors of Arandis. The Town Council believes that it can achieve this vision with the continued assistance of its strategic partners.

The Town Council believes that investors who take advantage of the opportunities that Arandis currently offer (as well as those that will be created over the next five years) will receive sustainable returns on their investments. Sufficient growth opportunities exist, currently enabling Arandis to have sustainable growth for the next 10 to 20 years and beyond. We at Arandis Town Council are proud of our town, excited about the future, and look forward to being part of the process of change in Arandis and ultimately our contribution to the realization of Vision 2030. We invite all entrepreneurs who are seeking investment opportunities to visit us and to exploit the vast opportunities that are currently in Arandis. Arandis has been termed as “the undiscovered diamond of the desert”. We, therefore, invite you to join us in the quest of unearthing the amazing potential of our town, its people and its opportunities.

This website is one component of introducing Arandis to the world as a young, promising and growing town which has a lot of potential and strategic benefits for investments, tourism and sustainable development. This website provides more detailed information about the town’s history, the various development programmes, investment opportunities, municipal services, tourist attractions and infrastructure. A photo gallery takes you on a visual tour of Arandis, while visitors to the site can obtain the latest news and events and links to other strategic partners.

The aim of this website is not only to provide information, but to promote discussions and networking between the council, residents, stakeholders and foreign investors and we invite you to participate in this journey.

Florida Husselmann
Chief Executive Officer