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Approximately 7,000 people live in Arandis. Residents were either working at the Rössing Uranium mine or for contractors contracted by the mine. The Rössing Foundation in Arandis strives to ensure an economically independent and self-sustaining town. It should also be a centre for educational excellence, empowering the town’s inhabitants through capacity-building. With this in mind, the Foundation launched many training and development programmes in partnership with the community and other organisations.

With the assistance of our partners Arandis has developed a number of programmes and initiatives to cater to the needs of its community. This includes:

  • A library, run by the Rössing Foundation.
  • A computer training centre, which is part of the Arandis Leadership Academy, run in partnership with Realworld Education.
  • A teacher resource centre.
  • Space for workshops as well as for community meetings that relate to the projects
  • A fully equipped kitchen, managed by the “Old Ladies Restaurant”

Another development programme focuses on improving the quality of the three schools in Arandis as well as others in the Erongo Region through training, coaching and mentoring in English, Mathematics, Science, School Management and Teacher Induction. Current projects are the Spring School, which prepares students for their exams; early childhood education; and a community hostel that accommodates 30 students, established with the help of the Arechanab Community Trust. Partners in this programme are the Mathematics Institute, the Institute for Education and Career Development, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation.

This programme aims to strengthen the spirit of the Arandis community. This is done through developing sports such as soccer, volleyball, tennis and athletics, as well as school sporting activities. The programme is run by the Foundation and community volunteers, and is assisted financially by SCORE – the Sports Coaches Outreach Programme.


Arandis has a diversified culture.


The Arandis Town Council has started the process of establishing a Mining Museum that covers all of the mining activities in Namibia. This will be unique and will attract tourists visiting the coastal towns. The planned Annual Mine Festival will contribute in marketing the Mining Museum and other tourism attractions in and around Arandis.