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In 1992, Arandis was handed over to the Namibian authorities and was proclaimed as a town during 1994 whereby a Town Council was elected to manage the affairs of the town. The council consists of 7 members who are appointed by the political parties that have gained seats during the Local Authority elections. In the Arandis Town Council, 5 councilors are from the Swapo Party and 2 from the UDF. A Mayor is elected among the members and serves for one year. The mayor may be elected for consecutive terms of office, with no limit on the number of terms to serve.

The Council (2016-2020) members are:

Mayor – His Worship Councillor Risto Kapendah
Deputy Mayor – Her Worship Councillor Irja Ipinge
Chairperson MC – Councillor  Errikki Kapiyee
Member MC – Councillor  Tuhafeni Jairus
Member MC – Councillor Onesmus Mangundu
Council Member – Councillor Cecilie

Council Member – Councillor Rudolfine Geises

To cultivate a people focused developmental driven Local Authority


We render cost effective services, implemented by means of good governance to improve the quality of life




The Arandis Sustainable Development Project
One of the main objectives of the council is to gain economic independence from the mining activities. This is actively being done through a joint venture with the mine. This is a complex project due to the wide range of developmental issues that need to be addressed, the number of interested parties involved and the resources that need to be deployed to achieve the objective. The Rössing Foundation and the Rössing Uranium and the Arandis Town Council have formed a joint working group to create a sustainable development strategy and to embark upon initiatives to promote community and sustainable development in the town.

This programme aims to build and strengthen the capacity of the Arandis Town Council through training and mentorship for the effective governance of town affairs.

The Arandis Town Council has signed a Twinning Agreement with Henties Bay Municipality.

Other links
The Town Council also has cooperation links with the municipalities of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.

Arandis is also participating in the P3 (Public Private Partnership) project aimed at improving and enhancing municipal service delivery to its communities through inclusive cooperation.