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Junior Council

Junior Council

The 2011 Arandis Junior Town Council was sworn in on 3 March 2011 by the Mayor of Arandis, His Worship, Mr. Daniel U. Muhuura.


His Worship The Junior Mayor : Hon.Yves Mc Clune
Deputy Junior Mayor His Worship Hon. Ruben Mweshininga
Chairperson of the Management Committee: Cllr. Merceline Geingos
Member of the Management Committee: Cllr. Ivan Kapere
Member of the Management Committee: Cllr. Fidelia /Uises


Cllr. Amakali John – Safety and Security Affairs
Cllr. Kasheeta Saima– Health Affairs
Cllr. Nghifikwa Leonard – Education and Academic Affairs
Cllr. Shiimi Apronia – Special Advisor to the Office of the Mayor
Cllr. Paulus Moses – Environmental Affairs
Cllr. Paulus Hishidimbwa Tungeni – Elders/ Pensioners Affairs
Cllr. //Oaseb Jerome – Arts, Culture and Exhibitions Affairs
Cllr. Mwafangeyo Helena – Council Secretary
Cllr. Junias Andreas – Youth and Sports Affairs
Cllr. Inkono Anna – Executive Secretary
Cllr. Nghihange Maria – Protocol Affairs
Cllr. Karipose Tjitakama – Communications/Public Relations Affairs

The Council’s plans for the year include; Putting up of distance indicators from Usakos and Swakopmund. The young politicians will negotiate with various stakeholders to make this initiative a reality.

They will also pay a courtesy call to the Office of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Youth National Service Sports and Culture regarding the planned Amphi-Theatre upgrade. Another initiative will involve the Senior Citizens of the town.

The youth is mentored by the ATC’s Communications Officer, Andrew !Hoaeb.

2010 Junior Council

The Council scooped the overall National Award during the National Youth Expo held in Keetmanshoop on April 2010. All 13 Regions of Namibia participated as well as Angola, Zimbambwe and South Africa. They became the overall winners with their project on Water Purification; and also won a prize in the third category with their project on children on and off the street.

At the Erongo Regional Youth Enterprize Expo held in Swakopmund during July 2010, the youth won first and second prizes in the Trade and Manufacturing category for two projects. The one project for which they won first prize was for designing a vacuum pump system and the other was for extracting bio-diesel from fossil fuel; for which they won second prize.

The Junior Council went to Windhoek during 23-26 August 2010 on invitation from after they scooped the National Award in Keetmanshoop.The purpose of the proposed visit was to brief and update the stakeholders as well as to solicit further professional research from the Polytechnic of Namibia on the national winning project, “WATER PURIFICATION USING SOLAR ENERGY”. The group visited the Parliament, the Office of the Deputy Minister of Youth, Minister of Fisheries, Development Bank of Namibia, National Youth Council, City of Windhoek Chambers as well as the Polytechnic of Namibia.

The Junior Town Council participated in various training workshops on SME development, gender based violence, alcohol and drug abuse. The youth also sponsored the trees to be planted at the Trade Centre.

The Council members;

Cllr. Amagulu Nikanor, Pensioners Affairs
Cllr. Hamwedi Setson, Mayor (Management Committee)
Cllr. Nangolo Sakaria, Cultural Affairs
Cllr. Rheinhold Thomas, Council Rep. (Management Committee)
Cllr. Shiyukifeni Eben-Ezer, Events & Sponsorships Affairs
Cllr. //Garoeb Gustav, Youth & Sports Affairs
Cllr. /Kheib Justin, Police & Safety Affairs
Cllr. Yves McClune, Youth Enterprise Development
Cllr. Nakalemo Omwene, Treasurer (Management Committee)
Cllr. //Naobes Aletha, Health Services Affairs
Cllr. Salatiel Delila, Deputy Mayor (Management Committee)
Cllr. !Hoaes Jennifer, Executive Secretary (Management Committee)
Cllr. Nanyala Paulina, Education & Training Affairs
Cllr. Ndongo Whitney, Public Relations Officer (Management Committee)
Cllr. Prins Muriel, Council Secretary
Cllr. Ndeunyema Auli, Chairperson of the Management Committee